Funnel is a SaaS platform that helps marketers automate their data collection so they can focus on more important things, such as analysis and implementation. Funnel provides integrations to 345 ad platforms and to Google Analytics. Collecting data in one place replaces the manual process used by most marketers. Funnel's automated integrations ensure that data is less prone to error, easily digestible, and always up-to-date.

Once data is collected, Funnel allows users to choose how they want to view it. Options include dashboards and reports, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Data Studio, and API and Connectors.

Within Dashboards and Reports, users can create dashboards and reports that can be sent or shared in a custom report center.

Users can also upload data to Google Sheets, Google Analytics, or visualize data in Data Studio.

Using APIs and Connectors users can also push all of their data into backend systems or business intelligence using connectors or the Funnel API.

Within each visualization, Funnel allows marketers to compare campaign performance across advertising platforms; structure advertising accounts and campaigns based on how the business is set up with different views for different initiatives; brands and markets, convert all spend data and analytics data to the same currency so that it is easy to compare them and sum them up; and automatically append tracking URLs to your Facebook ads. This will save a lot of time and improve accuracy of reporting.

Key Features

  • Automated marketing reporting
  • Automated Marketing Dashboards & Reports



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