An end-to-end enterprise solution that adopts revolutionary technologies like IoT, AI and Big Data and lets you track, automate and manage your fleet operations

A cloud-based solution powered by revolutionary technology that facilitates enhanced fleet tracking, autonomous dispatch and robust monitoring functions

Utilise fleets to its maximum - Keep in sight of everything happening in real-time to monitor your fleet and optimise planning.

Bring down fuel costs - Monitor fuel consumption and wastage to improve fuel efficiency and double your profit margin.

Safe driving, better success - Automatically track driving patterns & let drivers self-correct to ensure improved productivity.

1. Comprehensive Fleet Activity across multiple regions
2. Track Fleet status and assigned job details
3. Vehicle information and compliances
4. Assign drivers to available vehicle
5. Reports and Heatmaps
6. Fleet and Job History
7. Schedule regular maintenance
8. Integrated mail support
9. Fleet utilisation reports
10.Gamification for Driver Ranking

No more empty rides - Connect your fleet to next-in-line jobs and the nearest warehouse to ensure smooth operations.

Fuel Analytics System - Rely on IoT devices to track fuel consumption, fuel theft and detailed fuel diagnostics
Route Planning & Tracking - Set predetermined routes to avoid deviations and expedite job completion
Monitor Driver Behaviour - Keep track of harsh driving, acceleration, braking and other dangerous driving patterns

Key Features

  • Fuel Analytics System
  • Route Planning & Tracking
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour



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$25 per/month
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