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Asset Infinity is a brilliant help for managing important assets by replacing manual recording on paper and spreadsheets. It comes complete with reports and dashboards that help you keep on top of assets associated costs as well as tracking, maintenance and their complete management. Numerous organizations don't recognize what broken/dead assets they possess, what shape those assets are in, or where/with whom can they be found. Asset Infinity takes care of these issues effectively.
Every company wishes to gauge the total number of assets and maintain a register for their purchase, maintenance, and sale. They deploy a whole team to track every single asset and bring it into the system for physical audit purposes. This is a very cumbersome process which involves meticulous effort. Any mistake while entering the primary data can lead to grave consequences.
So, a cloud-based software to solve all these problems with 99.9% of uptime and 24-hour support would be instrumental in the growth.

Asset Infinity is helping many companies across the globe to track, manage and monitor the assets spread in the company and has introduced streamlined processes. Some other useful features include:
a) Preventive maintenance, schedules & reminders; which enables our clients to align complete maintenance program for their manufacturing unit. Timely maintenance of assets helps in avoiding any losses due to sudden breakdown.
b) Inventory management can aid in the planning of stock maintenance, timely purchase of raw material to overcome sudden price fluctuations and enhance gross profit margin.
c) Complaints and ticketing process can help in the easy resolution of the issues. It also contributes to the responsibility taking abilities of the employees.
d) Asset requisition process would help in the allocation of resources through a verified system, without any exception. It would also help in avoiding pilferage due to unaccounted purchases.
e) Depreciation management would help in deciding the net asset value and favour maintenance of only valuable resources.
f) User management would help to ascertain restricted rights of visibility for the employees.
g) Barcoding will help in tagging the resources and monitor the movement within the system.
h) Asset Infinity also allows the companies to commence periodic audits and ensure effective usage of the available assets.

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Key Features

  • Enterprise Asset Management Software
  • Plant Maintenance Software
  • Facility Management Software
  • IT Asset Management Software
  • Preventive Maintenance Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Scheduling & Ticketing Management Software
  • Device Management Software
  • Leased Equipment Management Software
  • Education Asset Management Software
  • Healthcare Asset Management Software
  • Barcode Asset Tracking Software



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