ZupportDesk is a cloud-based HelpDesk solution with a mission to empower businesses to provide amazing customer support. We are driven everyday by one simple question: how can we make it easier for you to build stronger relationships with your customers?

We believe that every business with a website, no matter how small, should be communicating with their customers. Our Live Chat tool allows real-time, personal customer engagement that improves both sales and customer support. Our Ticket System lets you say goodbye to lost, unanswered and scattered emails. Our solution will organise and categorize your emails into one convenient and efficient pipeline.

Our products are accompanied by powerful Analytics and Reports that allow you to understand your customers and make better business decisions.

Founded in 2015, ZupportDesk is headquartered in Sweden with a talented development centre in Sri Lanka. Helping more than 6000 businesses worldwide, ZupportDesk was recognized as one of Sweden's Top 14 Startups of 2015. Our passionate team of 30 employees spend their days and nights designing and developing a product that we are proud of and that our customers love to use.

Live Chat
Our Live Chat solution enables an instant communication with the visitors on your website. Live Chat simulates a store-like environment where your website visitors can feel comfortable and have their questions answered immediately and conveniently. Live Chat opens the door for a new channel of communication between organizations and end customers allowing customers to gain the maximum benefit of your website.

Support Ticket System
We change all your bulk e-mails and customer inquiries into a sorted out, streamlined and exceptionally productive channel that gives you an ideal opportunity to focus on the most basic parts of your business. One of the main characteristics of this tool is to help increase the accountability of the people who are handling bulk e-mails and customer inquiries. By using our Ticket System they will get a decent attention as required and all the e-mail and customer inquiries can be easily followed up by the customer support team(s) as there are well organized and monitored.

Key Features

  • Saved Replies
  • Visitor Information
  • Proactive Chat
  • Attention Bubbles
  • Chat History
  • Multiple incoming and outgoing mailboxes
  • Business rules management through SLAs
  • Complete RESTful API



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