Slaask is your customer service app for Slack. It enables you to chat with your visitors and clients in real time, and directly from Slack. Fewer tabs. More reactive. More conversions.

Slaask’s motto is to keep everything super simple. Indeed, Slaask allows you to implement simple operations/settings throughout your Slack platform and your Slaask account.

While reducing friction within your company operations, leverage Slack's features for your customers (search engine, fully native apps for iOS and Android...). Slaask is for forward-thinking small and medium size businesses who believe in the "all your tools in one place" Slack vision.

Slaask Product Differentiators:

- Format the text you send your visitors.
- The Slaaskbot helps visitors to get answers while in offline mode.
- Enable your live chat to open from anywhere. In order to compel your site visitors to start chatting with you, you can insert the link “Your website URL” + “/#chat-open” (for example: to anywhere you want. By doing so, people who click on this link will be redirected to your - page with the chat box open.
- Automatically close inactive conversations.
- Use the Slaask command !here to know if your visitor is present.
- Choose if you want to hide the Slaask widget on mobile devices.
- 100% widget customization.
- Have a clean overview of all your logged-in users. You can find a page (called “Users”) dedicated exclusively to your logged-in users (if there are currently any) in your Slaask account. From this page, you’ll have access to a great deal of information about them, including name, email, IP, language, conversation history, etc..
- Message displayed when there is no action on your end.
- Users and clients will be able to send you multiple emails even while your team and widget are offline.
- If no one on your team can answer, you can enable an inquiry that automatically asks for visitor's email address (if not yet asked or provided).
- Observe in real time your visitors, users, and clients interacting with your website. Not only that, push them dedicated messages based on their on-site behavior even before they’ve initiated a conversation themselves.
- You can trigger messages from a specific URL, after a specific time spent on any page, based on your visitor's language, your visitor's country, your visitor's city, or any moment your visitor was last seen. You can also define as many custom user attributes you want (in relation, for example, to your slaask.identify function), such as email, team, etc..
- If you are using the identify function, you can now insert visitors attributes directly into your live-chat messages (greetings, triggers, canned response etc.).
- By enabling this feature, which we call "Include your visitor's path (URL) throughout the conversation" , you can learn all about the evolution of a visitor on your site in real time, right from the widget section in your Slaask account.

Key Features

  • Identify your visitors
  • Manage your visitors’ and clients’ inquiries
  • Embrace a true Slack integration
  • Trigger any message to any group of your visitors
  • Automatically connect your visitors to the appropriate team member
  • Get to know your visitors by pushing pre-chat questions
  • Analyze your team’s performance
  • Inject canned responses
  • Secure yourself with our offline mode
  • Customize your widget’s look and feel easily
  • Conduct surveys with your visitors and clients
  • Back-up your chats



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