The product

Nice Chat is a messaging platform that targets eCommerce solutions exclusively. It is not just another sales channel, but a
marketing tool fully integrated with your store, that tracks down the traffic channels and their effectiveness.

Features that will boost e-commerce business efficiency:

• Form builder

Create forms for identifying the needs of the client. With these questionnaires gather fact that will help you to determine what product your client needs.

• Proactive chats

Imagine store consultant that helps you in choosing the right product. With Nice Chat you have the active sales tool at your hands, that allows you to “go over” to the client at your site at the moment he needs your help.

• Sales in the chat

Suggest different products cards to the client right in the chat where he will be able to discover the product details and even make a purchase. Products and orders are synchronized with your store through API.

• Analytics

Nice Chat gathers visitors, agents, sales and chats statistics. Explore the numbers and make the right decisions that help you develop your business.

Key benefits:

• Identification of needs

Nice Chat gathers all the needed data of your store visitors in real time. Your salespersons just need to monitor the client's behavior at the site, analyze traffic sources and browser data to be able to select appropriate options for guaranteeing successful deals.

• Sales automation

Create several sales scenarios and automate them with the help of Nice Chat. Chat invitation, quick replies templates, identification of needs forms, product demonstration - these and other features not only will increase your sales but will also make the process quick and structured.

• eCommerce solutions integration

Create a unified ecosystem including Nice Chat, your eCommerce store, CRM and analytics system. For the implementation you have a clear API and the number of available integrations with popular marketing tools

Key Features

  • sales funnel control
  • form builder
  • traffic source statistics
  • auto-opening links generator
  • quick answers
  • file sharing
  • chat transfer



Starting from:
$17 for agent/month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
Available (No Credit Card required)


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