Smart Customer communication platform: Live chat + Email marketing + Helpdesk

Acquire & convert more leads, and support your customers better with HelpCrunch.

HelpCrunch is an all-in-one customer communication platform combining:
- Modern Live chat
- Email marketing automation
- Simple Helpdesk

HelpCrunch is designed for customer support, sales, and marketing teams at SaaS, E-commerce, and any other types of online businesses.

1. All-in-one solution. HelpCrunch is a fully featured synergistic combination of a Live Chat and Email Automation tools that seamlessly integrate with each other and with your product and/or mobile app to provide a unified interface for continuous and efficient customer communication and automation of email marketing specifically for your business needs.

2. Reduced support cost. HelpCrunch Live Chat is more affordable than the traditional phone support.

3. Increasing sales, upselling, and cross-selling. Live help improves conversion by 20% (American Marketing Association study). Lead customers into a purchase by instantly answering questions and proactively offering help, reduce cart abandonment by guiding customers through a sale, target visitors with offers and much more.

4. Customer satisfaction and loyalty. Let people interact in the way that’s natural to them - via instant messaging. HelpCrunch is trendy, fast, easy, and available on all platforms and devices. There are no long waiting times and no need to dial long numbers as with the phone support.

5. Deep integration with any online product. With the help of HelpCrunch Web/iOS/Android SDKs any online business can integrate HelpCrunch with its website or mobile app and maximally automate its activities. You can track your website events, set message triggers based on your website-specific criteria, automatically switch the chat widget into your visitor’s language etc.

6. Seamless customer communication. Quickly switch between channels - reply in chat, then send an email follow-up right from the chat window, set up chat and email auto messages, create email marketing campaigns etc. Use localizations and integrations to make your customer service truly omni-channel.

7. Proactive engagement. You don't need to wait until visitors contact you first - engage them proactively via chat or email. Such messages can be one-off or automatically triggered by particular customer’s actions, e.g. if a customer is stuck on a pricing page.

8. Fast customer feedback. Quickly discover customer pain points to improve the product and win over more customers. While in the case of phone support the feedback is heard by one agent, HelpCrunch records all chat histories, accessible to the management and teammates in a single dashboard.

9. Reports and analytics. Monitor and manage customer support easily and effectively by collecting your visitors’ personal and contact details and tracking their activity on your website. You can import and export your entire user base in the csv format for analyzing and optimizing your service.

10. Continuous support even in the offline mode. Generate leads even when your team is out. The chat continues working in the offline mode, collecting visitors’ personal and contact data, encouraging people to send messages and not leaving any message unattended.

Key Features

  • Live chat 2.0
  • Auto Messages
  • In-app messages
  • Email Marketing automation
  • Ticketing 2.0
  • Free Personal onboarding assistant
  • Pre-chat and Offline forms
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • Real-time email delivery and open tracking
  • Chat user path and activity tracking



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