Freshchat is a live chat product exclusively for small teams. It helps businesses to do one thing and do it really well — convert website visitors into customers. In addition to the typical live chat features that are available in the market, Freshchat differentiates itself by providing:

1. Interactive widget: Freshchat has a new interactive widget that allows you to converse with your visitors even while you are collecting all the information you need to personalize your pitch. No more old school forms, yet you can collect more than just an email address. The Freshchat widget is completely customizable and comes with different interaction flows right out of the box for both when you are available and away.

2. Complete context and history: Have to search for context and history between different tabs for a specific visitor? Freshchat allows you to access your complete history with a visitor right during the chat without having to switch tabs. Where the visitor has come from, what they are looking at in your website, how they landed on your website — all of the information is provided upfront.

3. Easy way to manage visitors: Freshchat keeps a record of all the people you’ve connected with. People are sorted as visitors, prospects, or customers depending on where they are in your sales funnel. You can easily mark someone as a customer so that they stand out from your visitors and prospects the next time they’re on your website.

Live chat helps you quickly engage with website visitors. But when you have these quick results, you want to make sure your visitors are further nurtured, and tracked through your sales cycle. Which is why, today, we are launching an integration with Freshsales CRM. You can automatically create and update leads in Freshsales, and access your Freshchat conversations inside your lead information in Freshsales. We also recognize that when you do miss a conversation, you want to keep track when you follow-up on them.

Key Features

  • Live Chat with Website Visitors
  • Proactive Chat
  • Interactive Widget
  • Complete Context and Chat History
  • Manage Visitors
  • Convert Prospects
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Lead generation
  • Real Time Engagement
  • Personalised Conversation
  • Customisable Chat Widget



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