Engati is a one-stop platform for delighted customers. With our intelligent bots, we help you create the smoothest of Customer Experiences. And now, we’re even helping you answer your customers’ most complicated questions in real-time with Engati Live Chat.

Discover the new way to support and retain more customers, increase sales, and improve satisfaction, with chatbots and live chat technology.
Automate engagement with customers, employees, and leads 24/7 and make every conversation count. Engage with your customers across 14+ channels with live support.

Chatbots are useful for a growing number of use cases. In any case, you shouldn't put resources into one on the off chance that won't work for you irrespective of how easy it is to use a chatbot platform but what customer service benefits can you expect from a chatbot?
Name it and Engati provides it all:

Multi-platform support - Multi-platform messaging gives bots a utility beyond novelty. With bots as facilitators, users can access services in their preferred form of communication. Further, it supports 14 major messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line, Webchat, Viber.

Easy 10 minutes setup - Easy setup makes it possible for anyone willing to make a ai chatbot easier. Thus, Engati helps you set up and create a chatbot in hardy 10 minutes without requiring coding at all.

Web Widget Integration - It allows integration of any small application to your own chatbot. Hence, it reduces the pain of switching between work apps altogether.
Detailed Engagement Analysis - With its ability to understand natural language and codify it, it allows tracking of most frequently asked questions, chatbot actions, cohort analysis that can be used everywhere from product development to cost reduction.

365*24*7 Support — Unlike your support staff, chatbots don’t need any breaks and they happily work and even learn 24 hours a day. They have a robust cloud architecture.

Response Personalisation - Personal information about the user is used to personalize chatbot conversations helping them recommend in an efficient way.

Easy chatbot training - With all of the rich information coming from analytics, you can get a hang of how to train the bot. You can train your bots as per your customer queries and needs with our additional features like DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD. All of this will be available on the Engati chatbot platform.

Key Features

  • CRM
  • Performance Management
  • Chatbot
  • Live Chat
  • Multi-Language
  • Omni-Channel
  • Code-free Development
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • API Integration
  • Analytics
  • Custom Integrations
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Feedback Collection



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