Easy to use software to create mobile courses for companies, coaches and trainers

Through our web application users can create courses and share them through the Guidiance mobile app with clients or colleagues in just a few minutes. You can make the mobile app look however you want, no designs skills needed.

What does Guidiance do for coaches and trainers?
We help coaches and trainers creating and selling mobile courses through our platform. Currently we see users selling mobile courses through their web store as well as users combining mobile courses with real live workshops and book sales. Guidiance also serves as a matchmaker between companies looking for coaching/training and our users.

What does Guidiance do for companies?
With our software companies can create courses for internal purposes: such as courses for change management, organisational transformation and leadership. But the mobile app can also be used as an onboarding tool to inform new employees on company values, vision and internal processes.
Our mobile app is used for training, keeping everyone up-to-date and sharing operating procedures and feedback. Our software is also flexible to integrate within your software ecosystem (such as CRM’s and HR software): so you can automatically send courses to employees, as send results to your software.
With our software you can also manage the offering of your coaches and trainers and let employees easily book workshops and follow mobile courses. We also help companies to select coaches and trainers which are the right fit for your company.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Social learning
  • Mobile learning
  • Integrations
  • Drip content over time
  • Design customization
  • Analytics
  • Instant upgrades
  • Data ownership



Starting from:
$4.79 /user
Pricing model:

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