SalesWings is a Switzerland based Software-as-a-Service Venture in the domain of Sales Acceleration and Predictive Lead Activity Scoring. SalesWings unites all your leads from email marketing, form sign-ups and sales outbound campaigns into a beautiful lead cockpit for efficient lead management.

The efficiency of your sales and marketing team heavily depends on how intelligently and fast you can handle your leads. Whether it is marketing leads or sales leads, ensuring they are treated correctly is crucial to your overall success.

SalesWings offers you a simple yet powerful solution to handle your leads based on their interest and behavior. You can set your own rules to dynamically segment, tag, assign (route) and score your leads. Furthermore, you can trigger custom alerts to the right person when a lead shows interesting behavior - such as visiting a pricing or promotional page.

By connecting SalesWings to Zapier you can then build smart work-flows when leads match a segment or reach a certain score. For example, you can keep leads out of your CRM until they reach a point score. Or you could segment them into newsletter lists if they show interest in certain services or products. Your creativity is the limit!

Generate real-time reports of sales-ready leads while running your email campaigns, and trigger email marketing actions based on a lead's website activity - with your existing tool!

SalesWings analyzes your leads' website activity around the clock, and uses a best-of-breed lead scoring engine to filter out the 10% hottest leads.

Build a bridge between your marketing actions and the sales team - and generate more sales for your company!

Key Features

  • lead scoring
  • lead management
  • lead management software
  • ease of use
  • integrated
  • sales tool
  • free trial
  • website tracking
  • lead tracking
  • leads



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