OxyLeads is a business contact data provider that offers access to data about companies and people.

OxyLeads Prospector is a cloud-based lead generation and digital prospecting platform that can help find companies and people based on the industry, revenue, and other helpful keywords - generating contact lists that can be customized and exported. Having access to contacts with position descriptions, the appropriate decision makers can be identified.

OxyLeads Chrome extension is a nifty widget that can populate business information about an extensive list of companies simply by visiting their website. It generates helpful leads and information about a company, including a list of web-based technologies the company uses.

This is how business teams can save time by using Oxyleads:
- Finding quality leads
OxyLeads Prospector helps businesses to identify potential leads, search contact details like phone numbers and email addresses. With 8+ million companies and 330+ million people to choose from, you can easily find information about your potential clients or competitors.

- Company data
OxyLeads users can browse through millions of data entries, search and filter B2B data of more than 8M global companies by industry, location, revenue and many other data points.

-Automated outreach
With the Prospector MailMerge feature, sales teams can automate email outreach and build a repeatable sales process. They can create personalized email templates, schedule email delivery and send more tailored, personalized emails and follow-ups.

-Easy list building
It takes up to 3 minutes to create an outbound list that has the most up-to-date contact info and is ready to be sent. OxyLeads is built in a way that finding high-quality business contacts and building targeted lead lists is easy even if you’ve never used a business data platform before.

-Data renewal
Oxyleads has more than three terabytes of business data that is continuously validated, checked and updated.

Recruiters and HR personnel can use more than 3TB of data collected from business information platforms, jobs and recruiting sites, social networks, and more to search and filter candidates.

Key Features

  • Advanced Targeting
  • Rich Database
  • Instant Results
  • Outomated Outreach
  • Data Renewal



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