The easiest way to generate new business opportunities using LinkedIn
Specially designed for:
- Sales Reps.
- Recruiters
- Marketers
- Start-up owners

During this period it's totally free of charge ;)

Let One2Lead scale your efficiency, stay focused on growing your business and closing deals
Just install it to your Chrome browser and start your first prospecting campaign.

Discover new prospects
Build your network faster and more easily

Automatically send hundreds of personalized invitations
Force your lead-qualification process and enjoy greater conversion rates
Spend your time only on the warmest prospects, let One2Lead do the rest.

Stay close with your leads
Stay in touch with professionals, eliminate routine and nurture only warm leads.

Personalized automatical broadcast to your target audience
Personalized follow-ups
Shorten your sales cycle and expand more customers

Manage your prospects
Build your network faster and more easily

Download profile details
Upload your own list of profiles for microtargeted campaigns
Avoid repeated messages to the certain prospect
Build-Measure-Learn your campaign based on received data

Automate your LinkedIn activity in one click, download and try it!

Does the app support Sales Nav/Recruiter mode?
Not yet, but we’ll launch this feature soon

Is it possible to work with other programs or Chrome tabs when One2Lead is running?
Sure. Just run it in the separate Chrome instance and do your work. All the rest will be done by the application itself, in passive mode.

I think something went wrong! How to ask for support?
Please, contact us at [email protected] for any questions

Key Features

  • Automatic outreach
  • Personalized invitations
  • Lead management



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