Comprehensive B2B lead generation tool, that reveals which companies and individuals are visiting your website. Provides its users with detail company and person profiles as well as extensive number of features suitable for any B2B and SaaS.

* Identification of companies and unique visitors on your website

- Leady helps you to discover not only which companies visit your website, but most importantly will identify your unique website visitors. Leady will create detail person profile and provide you with data on their on site behavior.

* Identification of all size companies.
- Most of the b2b lead gen tools can track only big corporation and companies. Leady on the other hand developed its own business intelligence technology that captures not only big corporations, but medium and small enterprises.

* Web form listener
- From the moment a person fill in a form on your website, you will be able to track their website behavior and interaction with your brand across multiple touchpoints. Leady will also provide you with historic data on such a user.

* Integration with mailing campaigns
- Once email recipient click through a newsletter and land on your website, you will be able to track his or her behavior. What content and campaign were the most effective and which needs to be revised.

* Lead management
- Leady enables you to tag, assign, comment and further segment leads based on your custom filters. Such a solution enables sales teams to work smoothly together as everyone will know what leads have been taken care of, about the progress, which clients are VIP and what are the new leads. Leady use tags for leadscoring.

* Free trial
- Leady is proud about its achievements and thus transparent about its tool and data. Leady free trial provides you with full access, so you can put your hands on the tool, explore collected data and see whether it’s the right fit to your needs and expectations.

* Integration with Adwords
- With Leady integration to Google Adwords you will be able to break down your target audience, and retarget separate groups with powerful campaigns. Additionaly you can compare individual vs. company visits. Last not least Leady will create custom data in Adwords.

* Custom Events
- Leady is designed for two way communication, so you can import as well as export data to Leady. Our tool can process events that takes place outside of our tool such as phone calls, download of white paper or purchase. All for your effortless use of the tool.

* SaaS
- Leady is the #1 Woopra’s Alternative. Not only has Customer Intelligence of the same quality as Woopra, it builds on Woopra.Leady monitors your users as well as email recipients and web registrations. "

Key Features

  • Mailchimp Integration, Webform listening,



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