Kreato CRM


Kreato CRM is an AI In-Built CRM for sales teams with combined power of Sales, Conversation and Team Performance Intelligence. Kreato CRM helps to grow Sales by embracing Artificial Intelligence techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics.

Sales Intelligence:
• With predictive intelligence, predicts prospective leads & deals that are profitable, shows interest & ready to close.
• With Intelligent Pipeline SLA’s, Recommends next steps at every stage of the pipeline. Identify and alerts on stuck deals.
• With data driven probability intelligence, auto derives accurate revenue forecast.
• Identifies pipeline success factors. Pinpoints email & call engagement drivers using machine learning historical data collected.

Conversation Intelligence:
• Track Email opens & clicks. Predicts customer intent & auto drafts contextual responses using NLP techniques.
• Using predictive data analytics, recommends best channel & opt time to follow-up customers.

Team Performance Intelligence:
• With Performance Leaderboards, delivers intelligent team performance analytics to comprehensively evaluate and coach the team effectively
• With Performance Benchmarks, helps to instantly compare relative performance of sales reps on various parameters ver a period of time.
• With Game Mechanics techniques, enhances team competitiveness on underperforming parameters.

Kreato Mobile App includes all features of Kreato CRM web application. So whether at desk or on the go, you will get access to the complete functionality at all time.

Key Features

  • Lead Tracking
  • Sales Management
  • Lead Prioritization
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Reporting and Analytics
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Team Performance Intelligence
  • Mobile Sales Management
  • Native Dialer



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