Interseller is a tool that allows you to find someone’s email, send a message, and sync them to your CRM in a click of a button.

Email campaigns can be customized using templates and automatic followups. Templates can include various enrichment data for each contact to personalize each one. Automatic followups are sent only when you have not heard back from the contact. Numerous followups can be added with customization for the days after to send. You can also customize the schedules of the email to ensure that they are only sent at certain days and at certain times. Each email is sent directly to the contact with tracking for opening, replies, bounces and out office response.

Contacts can be sourced using a powerful chrome extension that works on LinkedIn, Github and Angellist. The chrome extension adds a button to each social network that looks up their email and grabs the contacts relevant information. That contact can then be added to an active or inactive campaign. Adding a contact to an active campaign will send them an email shortly after adding according to your set schedule.

Integrations include: Greenhouse,, SalesforceIQ, Salesforce, Pipedrive or HubSpot. The integrations allow you to sync all of your prospects over to your CRM including various enrichment data about each contact. By syncing to your CRM you can avoid duplication and save tremendous amount of time.

Unlike other services Interseller has no limits on lookups and emails while being a fraction of the price.

Key Features

  • Unlimited email address lookups
  • Unlimited outreach messages
  • Email open & reply tracking
  • Chrome Extension
  • Bulk CSV import & export
  • Sync with Greenhouse
  • Sync with
  • Sync with SalesforceIQ
  • Sync with Salesforce
  • Sync with Pipedrive
  • Sync with HubSpot
  • Sync with HubSpot
  • API Access



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