KnowledgeOwl is knowledge base software that helps you share information with customers and employees. It allows you to create an online website to organize, manage, and share knowledge with anyone online.

Your knowledge base can be set up to allow anyone online to view your content, or it can be restricted so that only people you want to see your information can access it. You can set up Single Sign-On from your own identity provider, remote authentication from your own website or app, or just restrict access to your site by a shared password, individual reader logins, or even IP addresses.

Your knowledge base can be customized to completely match your brand. From your URL to the fonts, colors, and logos, design your knowledge base any way you like. You can use our theme builder or build your own as you have total access to the HTML, CSS, and even custom Javascript.

The knowledge base itself has plenty of features to help your readers find the information they need. KnowledgeOwl has a powerful search engine that includes autosuggest (typeahead), tagging, filtering, synonyms, full-text search, and learning. You can also also your readers to browse content via a collapsible table of contents; new, popular, updated, and related article widgets; breadcrumbs; categories; and tags.

Other popular features include the glossary, contact form, and comments. You can create a glossary to define common terms and phrases, and our system can automatically highlight and define these terms in your content. You can allow your readers to contact you directly from your site via a preventative contact form that suggests relevant documentation. You can enable comments to get feedback on articles, choosing whether or not to display the comments in the kb or moderate them privately.

You can also extend KnowledgeOwl's out-of-the-box functionality using our open API and integations. Build the integrations you need to connect it with your existing systems. Embed website analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Hotjar to better measure, track, and improve performance over time.

Key Features

  • Rich text WYSIWYG editor with access to HTML Source
  • Single Sign-On and Remote Authentication
  • Fully customizable themes with access to HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Advanced search
  • Comments and notificatoins
  • Unlimited articles, files, and readers (visitors)
  • Advanced user roles and permissions
  • Glossary
  • Tagging and search phrases
  • API
  • File library and management
  • Custom workflows



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