Deckard is the most authentic knowledge management platform for software developers: fast and interactive like a chat but persistent and organized like a wiki.

You and your team can ask, explain and clarify stuff together regarding code both for high level and low level documentation.

It's integrated with your Git protocol, you can signup directly with github and immediately create "cards" asking for clarifications regarding a piece of code or documenting it yourself. These cards are attached to the codeline, file, directory or simply the repository, you and everyone working on the code will see these card smartly and only the ones that matter to what you're working on.

Deckard simplifies immensely: onboarding of new devs, remote teams and working with freelancers.

We have teams of all kinds of setups working with deckard, turning the pain of knowledge management and documentation into a pleasure.

Sign up now for a free trial and receive a guided demo in video call where we will help setting up your Deckard platform.

Here's some of our newest highlights:
-A unique Slack integration > save chats from Slack to Deckard and NEVER lose an important conversation again.
-More integrations for our coding assistant > we have Trello, work with many modern IDEs and all git repositories.
-Absurdly simple "To-Do" list > did Mike (or Tom) mention something about a new library? You can attach it to the code and be reminded the next time you're coding.
-And so much more. Simply import from your favorite tools and enjoy the best AI-assisted platform to ask, explain and clarify stuff together.

Key Features

  • Knowledge management
  • Documentation
  • Code collaboration
  • Powerful search
  • Code review
  • Tools integration
  • Team mentioning
  • Question answering
  • Code assistant
  • Multi platform



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