Collokia uses Artificial Intelligence to display the RIGHT content to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT moment.
Through extensions in daily used tools (like browsers and repositories), the system understands when an employee is seeking information and automatically shows him the right content or coworkers who may help.
Some interesting use cases:

1. Display intranet content when people search in internet, no need to change user behavior, let people search in Google, we will bring them back to your
intranet content (studies show that 80% of employees search first in the internet instead of the intranet.

2. Foster collaboration by showing co-workers interested in same subjects.
How can people collaborate if they dont know with whom?
Collokia automatically learns who are interested in same subjects and connects among them

3. Find who knows what in your organization
Most companies find difficult to know "who knows what", and mainly if it is "tacit" knowledge.
Collokia's "find by skills" makes it easy to find the right people at the right time.

4. Collaborate on top of the browser, by adding and sharing comments and annotations with coworkers,
like recommended readings, warnings about outdated documents, etc

About privacy: we take privacy very seriously, no personal information is kept, neither is browsing history. Users are shown all the information learned about themselves, and they can edit, erase or turn private.

Key Features

  • Live CVs
  • In-context communication
  • AI based KM



Pricing model:


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