Alma Suite


Alma means Soul, we aim to build soulful organisations.

Alma is an online platform to enhance communication, collaboration and teamwork within companies and with their clients. We accomplish this by bringing together different tools to work as a team in one place, build relationships and be more aligned.

Simple and easy to use tools such as: a task management, a private wikipedia for knowledge management, idea manager where users can vote, comment and make challenges, a game for training, professional profiles, discussion groups, news, instant messages and postings.

All updates go on one single news feed, so you can know in 60 seconds what is going on inside you company in every aspect. Minimal and friendly design helps to improve user engagement. Available at your desktop on the your browser and as an mobile App in iOS and Android.

Social Network: post updates, images, links or videos to everyone or to only a section of your company. There are segment channels of conversations, public where anyone could subscribe or private where you have to be invited. Also birthday alarms go on top of the newsfeed and there is specific tab for personal notifications, besides the general one that go in the news feed.

Task & Project Manager: simple follow up of teams or projects with a simple team thought for a team, but in the context of a company. Setup if your project is going to be available to everyone (public), only listed with a brief overview or is going to be hidden. Every task has a conversation along, with the option of attaching files, changing priority, difficulty level, due date, who is in charge and flexible tags.

Project Reporting: There is a full report on how every project is going, advance percentage, time lapse of tasks depending on their priorities and performance of each team member.

Knowledge Manager: a private wikipedia, a simple and effective solution to make sure that knowledge stays in and is available. Collaborative articles with text, files, videos and images to store whatever you need and make knowledge available to everyone. Setup which articles are available to everyone or which department or team. Also decide whom could edit them.

Game for learning and testing: games in the style of "who want to be a millionaire" let you test if your company knows what it should. Super easy to setup, only fill the templates with questions and answers, and then let everyone play. Within 5 to 10min everyone will be tested and in the process will have learn the correct answers if they fail. Based in the result, you will have a clear picture of where your company stands, with a simple and quick process.

Idea Manager: Post ideas at let everyone comment on them and vote. Also you can post "challenges" to ask everyone how to solve something or have a brainstorm around certain issue. Boost your company culture and align everyone around what you want to achieve.

Professional profiles: make sure that the experience of everyone is at disposal and we can find who is needed.

News: Simple templates let you set up news in minutes.

Admin dashboard and interface: Simple admin interface lets anyone administrate Alma Suite, without needing a technical profile. There is dashboard to check the user engagement and level of use. There is also the option of connecting it with Google Analytics.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and simple implementation.
  • All updates go into a single newsfeed improving user adoption
  • Natively integrate different features:



Starting from:
$ 3 USD per user per month
Pricing model:
Free Trial:
60 days - 20 users (No credit card required)


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