Alloy Navigator


Alloy Navigator is an IT Service and Asset Management solution designed and built with industry best practices and real-world customers in mind. Centered on a unique business process automation engine, this solution enables organizations of all sizes to streamline and improve the efficiency of their IT processes and keep services running.

Alloy Navigator offers fully integrated Help Desk, Network Inventory, and Knowledge Base capabilities, plus ITIL standards such as Change and Configuration Management. This solution also creates relationships automatically between meaningful data while providing a comprehensive view of IT infrastructure components.

Alloy Navigator’s Service Desk manages tickets, assets, incidents, changes, work orders and more within a single interface. Additionally, workflow management tools enable users to design custom IT processes that can altered to the specific needs of their business and personnel. It also offers an online web portal and self-service portal for end users as well as a mobile portal for technicians.

Alloy Navigator gives users the ability to one-click audit their entire network, conduct a physical inventory with a barcode scanner via your a mobile phone app and ensure compliance with software licensing tools. End-users and administrators also have access to interactive dashboards, scheduled reporting and real-time views for timely analysis.

Alloy Navigator serves companies internationally across several industries including healthcare, financial, education, technology, the public sector, retail, manufacturing and more.


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