MobSec Business is designed to provide you a compelling solution for challenges surrounding data loss prevention, device management, employee productivity and monitoring. MobSec seamlessly integrates your workforce with mobile devices, with utmost defense against data leak.
Visibility on Employee Activities
Create a controlled environment over existing employees and transparency over their activities.
Mobility with Maximum Security
Effectively manage the productivity of remote workforce with an assured data protection on their devices.
Employee Forensics
Utilize employee statistics while reviewing employee performance, productivity, cost or reprimand.
Corporate Devices Management
MobSec MDM platform enables security team to immediately remove information from lost devices regardless of the location.
Disciplined Workflows
Define which applications are allowed and which aren't with remote monitoring to ensure data is not jeopardized with unauthorized applications.
Better Compliance
Empower your security teams to remotely manage passwords with MobSec MDM.
Secure Email Gateway (SEG) enables a secured approach for the sensitive content going through the corporate email channel to any third party, via agentless approach. SEG is empowered to provide you with the capability to monitor and block outgoing emails through a gateway based approach.
Complete visibility on all outgoing corporate emails, even on alien devices.
Congregate details of the offender inside the organization in case of data leakage.
An in-depth analysis of outgoing corporate emails including information about the sender, recipient and the mail content.
Secure Printer Gateway (SPG) is created to prevent potential data leakage from printer gateways. Regulate access to the printing of documents within the corporate environment to prevent unauthorized access, misuse and theft of critical documents.
An added layer of security around print devices.
Reduced data leakage attempts via print.
Establish clear audit trail and forensic reports around print activities executed with malicious intent.
Real-time alert sent to the administrator on the occurrence of vicious activities.

Key Features

  • Works Real time
  • Warns Proactively
  • Controls Everywhere
  • Superior Control
  • Company Size Agnostic
  • Track Remote Workers
  • Be Compliance Ready
  • Safeguard Intellectual Property
  • Visibility On Exiting Employees
  • Unified Workflow and Policy
  • Insights With CI Report
  • Initiate Legal Proceedings
  • Mobile Security
  • Secure Email Gateway
  • Secure Printer Gateway



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