Load Impact


Load Impact turns load testing much easier

Load test is an absolutely necessity. Companies tend to lose customers due to poor performance of revenue generating tools. You’ll find a few revenue generating tools amongst web applications and websites. You must remember that time is money.

Response time worth 2 seconds or less is expected by visitors from tablets worth 69% and visitors from PCs worth 47%. Slow performance of websites cause visitors to abandon shopping carts worth 18%, while problems concerning stability and performance are experienced by website owners worth 68%.

Complexity – When you’re considering rate of abandonment, use and adoption of mobile apps, the key differentiator is the performance factor. It seems to be a minor issue when it comes to a small delay in loading time; the loan time of a page may be raised from a single second to about 30 seconds even when you witness a minor latency change from broadband to 3G network.

Cost Savings – Internet service providers, firewalls, third party applications, load balancers, local internet providers and web servers are the key elements of web architecture. Bottlenecks around various parts of web architecture can be identified by load testing. Only the things you need ought to be upgraded.

This tool is of real high quality as it’s easily configurable and can be set up very easily. The best thing about it is that it can be utilized by everybody. Load Impact needs to get past a few free-stress tests. Load impact depicts the maximum concurrent users to be borne by your platform and allows your box to peak both the CPU and memory.

Key Features

  • Large scale load tests up to 1.2 million concurrent users
  • Accessible on-demand. No licensing or software to install
  • Supports any HTTP-based application or service
  • Mobile testing (client and network emulation)
  • Load script APIs (e.g. JSON and XML parsing, etc.)
  • Schedule tests (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Multi-geographic distribution of load
  • Automated and advanced scripting
  • Professional services and support
  • Plugins for Jenkins & TeamCity
  • Easy-to-use scenario recorders



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