Diagrams are as powerful as they are versatile. They get people to see the big picture. They help teams vault over communication hurdles. They can be equally useful for looking at high-level plans or drilling down to the smallest detail. And, if you think there’s no inner diagramming Jedi waiting to awaken within you, give us a chance to prove you wrong.

Visual Language is Universal

Chances are, you’ve experienced the instant disorientation that sets in when you visit a country and don’t speak the language. You immediately regress to a time when you couldn’t read and symbols become your new best friends.

Symbols can guide you to food, shelter, and gas. They can help you avoid danger and tell you when to stop and when to go. Diagrams (comprised of multiple symbols) are even more powerful. A diagram can align a team, clarify a process, communicate a complicated idea and get departments with different areas of expertise to finally understand each other.

Whether you’re a software engineer, a product manager, work in marketing or HR or just want to show your brilliant sense of humor, there’s a diagram for you.

Software Engineers

Diagrams for Requirement-Gathering & Maintenance

Diagrams are great for communicating complicated ideas in a simple (visual) way and for clarifying technical requirements for non-technical stakeholders. This is particularly helpful for software engineers at the beginning of the SDLC.

Every new product comes with as many unknowns as opinions. A simple set of diagrams can manage both. No one knows what they don’t know, but creating a diagram forces you to get specific. For example, a simple diagram that maps out a user story can help identify gaps and missing features. Once gaps have been identified, you can draw another diagram to fill in what’s missing. You can also use a flowchart to define new features or split a single feature into multiple user stories.

Use Gliffy to draw:

Unified Modeling Language (UML) and entity relationship diagrams (ERD)
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) / Workflow Processes
Decision Models
Venn Diagrams
Network Diagrams
Business & Home Networks
Server Rack Designs
AWS and Cisco Architectures
UI Wireframes
Websites and Desktop Applications
iPhone / iOS and Android Apps
Organizational Charts
Product Roadmaps
Mind Maps
Import Microsoft Visio *.vsdx and *.vdx Diagrams
...and much more!

Key Features

  • Flowcharts
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)
  • Wireframe
  • Organizational Charts
  • Mind Maps
  • Import Microsoft Visio *.vsdx and *.vdx Diagrams
  • Server Rack Designs
  • Floor Maps
  • Network Diagrams
  • Diagram



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