What We Do

Visibly comes under the umbrella of employee advocacy, however it is so much more. We focus on both internal and external communications, we capture moments in the workplace, and with it, physical manifestations of culture and behaviour that can be measured. Visibly pushes the employee advocacy agenda away from leveraging employee networks and more towards nurturing culture, engaging employees & creating a better work environment, so that employees advocate the brand of their own accord.

We help companies across 3 key areas.

1. Culture measurement.
2. Culture nurturing through internal employee communications.
3. Employee social enablement and advocacy.

We work with medium to large sized companies, and typically with heads of HR, Communications & Marketing.

Back Story

In o3/2018 we launched a pure play SaaS minimal viable product focussing 100% on employee advocacy. What we learn't over the following 6 months was priceless. The fact is that around 85% of the companies we spoke to were not ready for employee advocacy, and self selected themselves out of the process. As you can imagine this came as a bit of shock, but we continued engaging those companies to try and understand why they felt they were not ready, and how we could get them to a point where they were ready!

What we learn't was that although most businesses saw and understood the value of employee advocacy, many did not feel that they had the culture to support a sustainable programme. Launching a sustainable programme is the key, as employee advocacy is not a short term project or campaign, it is a slow burner and can be considered a change and transformation programme.

This was our Eureka moment, we knew that if we could support the journey with a roadmap, then we could help these businesses arrive at a place where they would feel comfortable to launch a full programme...and If they never felt ready to launch a programme, that was also ok too, as we could still help them align values & behaviours for a healthier workplace culture.

Key Features

  • Internal or external communications feeds
  • Asset manager for content collaboration
  • Content editing
  • Bulk social media marketing with scheduling
  • Leaderboard and gamification
  • Communication campaigns and briefs
  • Company values promoter
  • Culture measurement and employee net promoter scoring
  • Advanced social media analytics



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$6.00 per (active) user per month
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