Overview Business Phone is the ultimate phone service to enhance your business.

It features Chrome Extension that provides you with the facility of Click to Call any number, irrespective of the type of CRM. It offers toll free numbers, call forwarding facility to individuals as well groups so that you don’t miss a single call. It enables you to make conference with through its conference calling feature. Facilities of web phone and unlimited calling are also offered by Business Phone. Business Phone is a comprehensive cloud-based phone system especially designed for the entrepreneurs and businesses. With its simple registration process and set up for use, you can manage and maintain your own virtual assistant. It’s very simple to sign up with Business Phone. It offers 5-days free trial. Sign up, log in and then drag and drop customizable apps to establish your own phone management system that answers to your calls and directs them whenever and wherever needed.

With Business Phone, you can also add and manage your users, create groups or simply forward to yourself and start taking phone calls, voicemails, and text messages. Business Phone doesn’t require you to go for any troublesome configuration, sign off any contract and costly hardware to buy. You can simple start calling nationwide. Business Phone is the simple phone service with an aim to optimize your business. Its easy web integration makes it simple to make calling, join conference and receive calls. You don’t need to provide your credit card information during signing up. Just start using Business Phone services on your browser or mobile device without any desk phone or additional hardware. 

Key Features

  • Chrome Extension - Click to Call any number in any CRM
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Conference Calling - Easiest way to conference ever
  • Call Forwarding to Individual or Groups - Never miss a call
  • Web Phone
  • Unlimited Calling



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