Team On The Run


Team on the Run is a unique business security providing tool for personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Complete corporate privacy is provided by this tool through provision of end-to-end industrial security. With the help of Team on the run, you will be able to receive verifiable as well as guaranteed messages of all types including music, videos, photos, contacts, texts, maps, corporate documents, and many more. Team members in business processes can instantly communicate with field members as well as remote colleagues, no matter what their location is.  

Team on the Run, a system provided by StreamWIDE UK Limited, helps manage team as well as corporate directory by making it automatically available. A business entity can increase customer satisfaction, enhance profit share, save time, and improve operational efficiency by using this application.

It has been seen that users have used Team on the Run application for achieving four unique works. The first one is definitely the ability to get teams connected with private mobile messenger service of the company. As this tool helps in business communications that are initiated by mobile, lots of time can be saved by the enterprises through the use of this tool. A business professional can use user-friendly Web Dashboard, provided by Team on the Run tool, for creating, editing, and managing field employees. The fourth and final benefit of using this tool is to continue with Mobile Business Communications in a secured manner. Team on the Run has brought some new aspects and they are enhancements of user interface and improvements on performance as well as general stability.

Some of the most important mobile application features you will get at Team on the Run are secured authentication, access to company’s address book, facility to make one to one voice call over IP, one to many conversation facility, multimedia sharing, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Secure Messaging
  • Broadcast Lists ( 1-to-many messages)
  • Mobile Corporate Directory
  • Group Messages
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • Web Chat
  • VoIP Calls
  • Virtual Walkie Talkie ( Push-to-Talk)
  • Multimedia message exchange
  • Fallback SMS
  • Message Reception Alert
  • Web Administration Portal
  • Check-in/ check-out (NFC Tag)
  • Geolocation on demand



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