SendHub is a comprehensive business SMS messaging services that make business communication simplified. With it, you can make communications more effectively not only with on-the-go workforce but also with the customers.

As you know, texting does better for business communications. Unlike emails, most of the texts are read within no more than 3 minutes of delivery and that gives businesses a more productive way of communications with customers, clients and partners. It ensures simple and scalable solution. With it, you can send text messages to people or small as well as large groups. Texting provides stable, consistent and quick communication that voice and email can hardly do. SendHub provides cost effective solution. You can send text messages in bulk at just a fraction of cost of other popular solutions. Messages can be obtained on any phone, irrespective of the device requirements, operating system and app download.

SendHub provides ultimate online SMS solution to meet your business communication needs. It is very simple to setup SendHub. Set this unique communication system in just a few minutes. You don’t require any contract or hardware. SendHub is highly scalable. It grows as your team grows. With it, you can add extra lines anytime through online interface. You can also send group messages as well as announcements, reminders and alerts with SendHub to group of people at the correct time though SendHub group messaging.

SendHub is a leading online business messaging solution that offers you all types of ability to communicate through SMS to your customers, on-the-go workers and contracts of various types. Along with MMS and SMS, SendHub provides voice solution which enables two-way communications beyond simple texting as and when required by means of a centralized business phone line. 

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