Callpage is a widget which help you to get up to 75% more leads from your web-site through offering real-time callback to your visitors in 28 seconds.

Callpage analyzes 9 behavior parameters of each user of the site in real time. When the tool identifies the user who is willing to purchase through your site, the system displays a pop-up in which your potential client leave his phone number.
The tool automatically connects the potential client and you through yours mobile phone within 28 seconds, so that no potential customer will always have possibilites to contact with your fast and you would close more deals much faster.

How it work:

1. Interested user leave his phone number in the window of CallPage widget on your website.

2. The system calls to first manager cell phone, and if the manager does not answer the phone, the system automatically calls the second manager or offer automated schedule call.

3. As soon as one of the managers picks up the phone, the system automatically calls to potential client and connects each other within 28 seconds.

4. After the conversation the client receives an SMS with the contact information from the caller, and the manager will be able to listen the conversation recorded in Callpage CRM system.

The system works on each page, and install the widget takes no more than 10 minutes. The implementation is much easier than installing a chat on the page.

With CallPage you can easy increase your conversion rate, improve lead generation process. Besides, the system offers many other useful features for your bussines.

CallPage is extremely useful for companies that have hard to explain products and for companies, where increased number of telephones translates directly into increased sales.

Key Features

  • Advanced reporting
  • Custom Website Integrations
  • Custom CRM Integrations
  • Custom Lead Scoring System
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Call Tracking
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Custom SMS Notifications
  • Calls Recording
  • Custom Widget View



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