QR Inventory


QR Inventory is modern, lightweight, yet powerful inventory management system that uses QR codes and mobile technology to streamline inventory management process.

Use smartphones to efficiently track inventory across multiple locations by scanning QR codes or regular UPC barcodes. No bulky proprietary scanners are required - no matter how many people in your organization are involved in handling inventory, they all have scanners in their pockets.

Access accurate real-time inventory status, location and other details from anywhere - use smartphones, tablets or desktop computer for inventory lookup, details and reports.

Adjust QR Inventory to your business workflow. Control every aspect of your inventory management process via a web interface. Choose what you want to track, record and report. Control custom fields via the web interface - and these fields will appear in the smartphone application for your employees to fill out.

Never run out of inventory - set re-order points and receive low inventory alerts.

Review and export comprehensive reports on inventory count, locations, transactions and usage. Filter reports by custom fields you created, producing the exact information you need.

There are multiple additional modules to extend QR Inventory functionality in the direction that you need:

Mobile data collection module allows you to create custom mobile forms for tracking equipment service and maintenance, conducting inspections and audits, or document production processes, projects and business operations procedures.

Assemblies & Kits module allows you to track building of multi-level assemblies and automatically adjust inventory as you do it.

Reservation module allows you to reserve assets and inventory for clients, projects and events.

Accounting module allows you to keep track of purchase orders and invoices.

There are many other modules that you can choose from to produce a combination that exactly fits your business needs.

Finally, if you have specific business requirements which are not covered with the standard QR Inventory and modules, we will customize the system for you.

You can find more information, videos and test drive QR Inventory at www.small-business-inventory-management.com

Key Features

  • Cloud inventory software with mobile data processing
  • Use smartphones for QR codes / barcodes scanning, data collection and look up
  • Customize to fit your business workflow
  • Custom transaction types
  • Custom mobile forms for data collection
  • Custom fields to hold all required assets and inventory data
  • Use QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags
  • Built-in QR code generator tool
  • Track inventory across multiple locations, including warehouses, job sites, service vans, client sites and / or employees
  • Capture images, signatures and GPS location
  • Easy initial entry and inventory count process
  • QR Inventory is integrated with QuickBooks, Xero and Intacct, and has it's own accounting module




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