EZOfficeInventory is the leading cloud based asset tracking and inventory management software. It enables you to track maintenance schedules, depreciation status and locations of your assets and equipment. We monitor the entire asset life cycle - from procurement to retirement. Enabling you to set up low threshold alerts, create Purchase Orders, draft up service tickets, and manage vendors effortlessly.

Streamline check in, check out process and manage reservations effectively. You can also design and print custom labels with our system and use our mobile apps or external scanners to scan Barcodes and QR Codes to process items individually or in bulk. We even offer an RFID integration to cut down processing times even quicker.

You can set up custom alerts for depreciation management, calibration management and warranty tracking. Generate actionable custom reports that help you make well-informed business decisions. Location, maintenance and possession histories make it simple to keep track of large amounts of assets. Our Zendesk integration and work order management modules help centralize all activities related to your assets. You can even set custom fields and notifications for an asset management experience tailored exactly to your needs!

EZOfficeInventory is used by thousands of companies across the globe and it's one of the highest rated, most reviewed rated asset tracking solution on Gartner Digital Networks. Sign up for a free 15 day trial and streamline your operations today!

Key Features

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Maintenance (CMMS)
  • Barcode and QR Code scanning functionality
  • RFID Integration
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Work Order Management
  • Tool Management
  • Depreciation, Calibration and Warranty Tracking.
  • Customize alerts, notifications and reports for your specific needs.
  • Track and manage locations of your assets and equipment



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