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Industrial companies from logistics to construction and utilities, as well as governments and transit systems, rely on their assets - equipment and material - to make things happen.

These assets are on the move among locations plants and projects, so it's almost impossible to track and manage them efficiently. Until now. BuildSourced's unique technology tracks all your equipment, tools and assets, including their location and availability, so that your assets can work harder for you.

BuildSourced is the secure, cost-effective way to track and manage your entire inventory, from small tools and large equipment to temporary materials and client stock. Save time, be more efficient, and gain total visibility of your assets anytime, from anywhere. We use today's and tomorrow's technologies - Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and customized QR tags -- to connect your assets via the cloud into a sophisticated asset management system. Our asset management platform provides data analytics that impart strategic insights about your equipment and material.

Know what assets you have, where every item is, and who's using it on what project. We instantly connect your field with the office, so you can precisely track, manage and maintain all your equipment and materials. Easy to use in the field, because you use mobile devices you already have, and our durable asset tags handle harsh outdoor weather. In the office, see complete history, status, documentation, photos and satellite map views. Free live demo.

Put your excess or underutilized assets to work for you. The BuildSourced Marketplace seamlessly integrates with our asset management platform, so you can sell or rent any inventory you don’t need. You can also buy or rent inventory from other BuildSourced members. Easily find what you need, where you need it and when you need it - and at an attractive price.

Key Features

  • Barcoding / RFID
  • Asset History and Activity Tracking
  • Asset Location Tracking
  • Maintenance Request and Service History
  • Durable Asset Trackers - for Harsh Weather and Conditions
  • QR Codes
  • Digital Routing of Service Vehicles
  • Free Marketplace to Sell, Buy or Rent Assets with no commissions
  • Photo and PDF records
  • Export to Excel, integrate with other systems



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