zoro.im is all in one app for individuals and businesses, capable of delivering the best Unified communication and collaboration experience. In addition to calling and international roaming features.

zoro.im differs from other chat apps in many ways such as:

• Easy sign-up process
• Enables login across multiple devices at the same time.
• Most importantly it supports low bandwidth.

zoro.im offers all the features to individuals that are normally only available at business level communication and collaboration platforms.

zoro.im Business edition offers:

1)Sign-up, setup and configure business-wide platform within minutes from powerful zoro.im cloud based admin panel
2)Setup departments, manage employees and allow features based on employee role
3)All platform IP Telephony (VoIP)
4)RCS (Rich communication suite) platform
5)Audio and Video conference feature
6)International Roaming and call forwarding
7)Easy collaboration tools such as screen sharing, meeting request
8)Audio-video enabled customer care

zoro.im is 100% Saas based Unified communication, collaboration, VoIP telephony, business messaging and digital wallet platform

zoro.im app has 2 variants
1 zoro.im
2 zoro.im for business

There are 3 major use cases of our platform/app:
1) Z Channel – Coming Soon
2) Unified communication, VoIP telephony
Features of zoro.im:

¥ Unified communication
• Login or sign-up from multiple device same time: Web browser, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac
• Rich chat/IM, audio and video call/conference
¥ VoIP Telephony
• Call anywhere (PSTN) and pay as you go
• International roaming – Roam international with zero charges
• Buy DID of any country and forward to zoro.im
¥ Low Bandwidth – apt for 2G or satellite communication

The features offered in zoro.im for enterprise are (additional to zoro.im)
¥ VoIP Telephony
◦ Sign-up and configure enterprise-wide telephony within minutes
◦ Setup departments, manage employees and allow features based on employee role
◦ All platform IP Telephony (VoIP)
◦ International Roaming and call forwarding
¥ RCS (Rich communication suite) platform
◦ Audio and Video conference feature
¥ Collaboration tools such as screen sharing, meeting request
◦ Save chat/audio recording/video recording directly to project documents (linked to document management system)
◦ Customer support

3) Z wallet - Coming Soon

Key Features

  • low bandwidth support



Pricing model:

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