Hubgets is an instant communication platform available as a service or in your private cloud. Through Hubgets, we enable teams to collaborate via chat, voice and video,
converting their communication experience into searchable knowledge.
Hubgets Page, the public profile available for each Hubgets user, simplifies and streamlines customer communication.

Hubgets helps you communicate better at work. With so many apps competing for your time and more and more information coming your way, Hubgets works in your interest. Instant communication is just the basics, the goal is to extract maximum value from all communication flows.
Hubgets also helps onboarding new team members. With instant access to team communication and collaboration on past and current projects, they learn the workflows very fast and become productive without much formal training.
Unlike most communication platforms, that are constantly pushing for the user's attention, Hubgets limits people's exposure to communication noise and helps them focus. It's a great way to help teams achieve better results.

Hubgets knows when people are busy working and shields them from unwanted interruptions.
Hubgets gathers and analyzes information from multiple sources to fight annoying interruptions. It also tries to detect the happiness of each team member in order to adapt communication flows to particular moods.
Smart search and tags make it easy to organize and retrieve information of any kind. Every communication adds to your team's knowledge-base.
And if this is not enough, we have #tags to help you organize information even further.

Key Features

  • Native Enterprise PBX
  • video calling
  • Voice call recording
  • IM/Group Chat
  • External users (Visitor)
  • Custom company sub-domain
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Contextual search
  • Hashtags
  • Contact sharing
  • File sharing
  • Topics (work groups)
  • Company activity wall
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Bot interactions
  • Mobile and Desktop apps
  • WebRTC support in browsers
  • Free API access
  • Customizeable view of the interface
  • Presence



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