Performance Pro


Performance Pro is an online comprehensive employee performance appraisal application suitable for any organization and any industry. It is best suited for the HR professionals. Performance Pro is completely customizable and makes it easy to keep employees focused on company’s strategic goals. Performance Pro automate the whole process – from ongoing check-in to appraisals. It is available with all required management tools to track easy and effective evaluations.

It comes with customizable templates, intuitive dashboards, powerful reporting and writing assistance. Competencies are evaluated by means of behaviorally anchored rating scales. With it, you can cascade an employee’s goals easily with rest of the organization and that helps to better align with proven objectives. Performance Pro also comes with built-in templates for particular job titles that can be modified. Performance Pro allows management to have access to a strong and wide selection of resources for the best practices in order to evaluate employees.

Performance Pro streamlines workflows while its multi-appraiser module allows up to 20 multiple appraisers submit their evaluations on a single staff. Since all things are stored on the cloud, appraisals can be done anytime and from anywhere. The e-signature features lets the process be fully paperless. Since previous appraisals can be accessed, they can be referenced later if required.

Performance Pro has been designing systems for more than 2 decades. Supported by best industry knowledge and experience, Performance Pro works just awesome for any company, irrespective of size and across different industries as it can be customized to each and every company’s individual objectives and goals. 

Key Features

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Custom Review Forms
  • Ad Hoc Reviews
  • Employee Self Service
  • Alerts / Reminders
  • Goal Setting / Tracking
  • Appraisal History Tracking
  • Individual Development Plans
  • Compensation Management
  • Peer Appraisals
  • Competency Tracking
  • Review Form Templates
  • Custom Rating Scales
  • Self-Appraisals



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