Macorva is an innovative tool to help employers shape their employee engagement, retain top talent, improve workplace culture, and scale business. By empowering employees to rate their experiences with coworkers, the Macorva survey helps visualize the specific scenarios which might limit engagement before negatively impacting the company goals. It delivers feedback as understandable, actionable data which helps to create a healthy balance between the management and the employee.

Problem it solves
Retaining high employee engagement is critical to any corporate success story. Macorva is designed to recognize the common issues that limit employee engagement and provide a customized meaningful plan of action before they impact company goals. The process involves visualizing anonymous feedback between employees to understand their strengths and opportunities to improve. Presently, there is no other engagement survey which provides this level of feedback to individual employee.

About founders
Nathan Childress
Nathan founded Mobius Medical Systems in 2010. The company created an automated software which is now used by 1000+ cancer clinics in 40+ countries to ensure the safe, effective radiation treatments. It was later acquired by the Varian Medical System, where Nathan acts as VP of product development.

Carley Childress
Carley came to Macorva from a background in medical device sales and marketing management. She has worked with companies of less than 5 to companies with 1000+ employees. She works passionately to apply the startup level of engagement to corporate MNCs.

Key Features

  • employee engagement



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