Privacynq is a privacy disclosure service enabling device manufacturers, retail, hospitality, and sporting venues to easily and effectively disclose privacy and security practices to consumers via the smartphones in their pockets.

As electronics have gained the ability to capture more and more personal details over recent years, privacy has become more and more important to consumers. In fact, the 2015 Pew privacy survey showed that 91% of consumers feel their privacy is ‘out of control'. Yet the only way for interested users to get privacy information is the wordy and legalese 'privacy policy'.

The Privacynq service provides an elegant solution to this “privacy vacuum”, enabling manufacturers to easily deliver consumers a condensed privacy and security report called a “Privacynq Brief.” The Privacynq Brief gives concise, understandable answers to the best questions that a privacy and security expert would ask, such as “How do I benefit from this data being captured?”, “What is captured?”, “Who is my data shared with?”, ”How is it secured?” and “How will you notify me if a breach occurs?”

To help consumers make informed purchasing decisions, Privacynq Briefs can be easily viewed on any smartphone while shopping in stores, on a desktop PC while browsing e-commerce sites, and even from an IoT product’s mobile ‘dashboard’ app. Unlike paper or static web notices, the Privacynq Brief is an always current “live” online document, tracking any changes in the product’s privacy and security policies whenever it is viewed.

As physical tickets are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, Privacynq can also be used to deliver legal disclaimer notices, replacing the disclaimers on the back of tickets.

Privacynq provides an extremely easy way for companies who wish to delight users by delivering clarity on privacy and security, as recommended by the Federal Trade Commission. The Privacynq privacy brief is analogous to the ‘Nutrition Facts’ labels on packaged food that show important dietary and ingredient information, allowing shoppers to make informed decisions. This type of standard disclosure is critical to build and maintain consumer trust.

Key Features

  • Notice is delivered to user when they want it, on their device
  • Consumers can get notice by sending a simple text message
  • Consumers can scan a QR code to get notice (can be put on retail packaging)
  • User friendly format explains user benefits of data collection, then details
  • Electronic delivery eliminates reprinting, sign replacement, maintenance costs
  • Easy access to understandable disclaimers lowers loss risk for insurers
  • Easily support multi-lingual privacy and security notices



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