Ethicontrol (ethical control) is a global ethics hotline outsourcing service and software for internal investigations.
Our integrated platform supports full life-cycle of a report: from registration via contact-center and web-intake up to management conclusions in case management system (SaaS).

Main features:
Proprietary contact-center focused on business conduct and ethics
Incident triage and prioritisation
Incident escalation beyond management level
Feedback loops with anonymous whistleblowers
User rights managements considering incident types, company units, cases and within single case
Team roles matrixes
Pending status control dashboard and statistics monitoring
Links between cases. Incident split and merge
Case materials assessments
Multilingual web-capture and online software
Compliance with international anti corruption and anti bribery laws
Messages and notifications
Audit trail
Secure storage and data protection

We believe in #betterworld through #trust, #integrity, #ethics & #accountability.
#ethics #hotlines #case_management #antifraud #corruption risks #speakup #whistleblowing #FCPA #SOX #investigations

How it works:
Whistleblowers leave anonymous messages and receive a feedback over the phone or via web
Messages are captured directly into incident management software for processing by your team
Your team responds and documents reviews and investigations within the case management

Professional and independent outsourcer is a guarantee of whistleblowers's anonymity as well as continuous feedback communication with them. The hotline is perceived by its users as a robust and secure communication tool with top management and those charged with governance.
None of messages are lost, delayed or ignored in company silos. If necessary, the message will be directly delivered to escalation team of stakeholders beyond management. Employees, responsible for response, are under continuous scrutiny due to status control dashboards and statistics monitoring.
Quick and objective investigations are key for successful fraud deterrence. The existence of a hotline facility within a company helps mitigate fraud risks

Key Features

  • Antifraud programs
  • Speak up and whistleblowing hotlines
  • Ethics incident management
  • Case management
  • SOX, FCPA, Bribery Act or 52-110NI-BCSC compliant
  • Incident triage
  • Incident escalation beyond management level
  • Feedback loops with anonymous whistleblowers
  • User rights managements
  • Workflow management



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