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CE-Check AB is a young innovative company established in 2016. After its nomination from Venture Cup 2016 and becoming a member of STING, the company has started rapidly to grow and develop its service platform. The goal of the company is to change the CE marking certification industry by elucidating, facilitating, and hastening the products' certification process.

CE Check offers a digital cloud-based CE marking service platform which facilitates and fastens the CE marking process. It helps businesses reduce their CE marking expenditures by 60% and lead time to market by 75%. By using it, clients can:
- identify all CE directives needed for any product's compliance in less than 30 min;
- use our Harmonised Standards browser
- get their product tested in an accredited European test centre with only three weeks of lead time;
- create and store their technical documentation in CE Check's system
- create a Declaration of Conformity automatically
- monitor updated standards and regulatory changes
- access free CE marking materials and white papers.

Pricing of CE Check:
- Free: It includes the following services: a CE directives browser; a basic version of the harmonised standard finder; access to free templates and white papers. Every new client can use the software for 1 product only.
- Single: It includes all in the free plan plus an advanced version of the harmonised standard finder, generator of a Declaration of Conformity, and a cloud-storage of the DoC. Each client can CE mark 1 product only. The monthly fee is 50 euro. The plan is suitable for small companies.
- Regular: The following is included: all in the single plan; non-CE directives browser; requirements for a notified body; monitoring of updated standards and regulatory changes; cloud-storage of technical documentation. When choosing this plan, clients have to pay 100 euro per month and can CE mark three products. Medium-sized enterprises usually select this plan.
- Professional: The plan provides clients with the following services: all in the regular plan; unlimited number of products that can be CE marked and multiple users can use the account created in the CE Check's system. The price is 210 euro per month, and it's usually preferred by large enterprises.

Our team has been working with CE compliance at two of the global testing institutes in Scandinavia for more ten years. Moreover, the founder of CE Check AB, Tobias Rydell, is an expert in CE-marking and the European regulatory framework. He has held seminars about the CE-marking process for hundreds of companies all around Sweden and has supported companies with CE analyses for many years.

If we have grabbed your attention and you'd like to get more information about the company, its service or anything related to CE marking, please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:
- give us a call on 0046/ 10 88 85 211
- send us an email to [email protected]
- visit our website on https://ce-check.eu

But if you'd like to try out our CE marking service directly, you can visit our website and sign up for free.

Key Features

  • CE directives browser
  • Harmonised standard finder
  • Calendar for booking an accredited test lab
  • Cloud - storage of technical documentation and Declaration of Conformity
  • Generator of a Declaration of Conformity
  • Monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Free CE marking templates and whitepapers
  • Chat with CE consultants



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