Stream Finances


Stream Finances - providing automated tool for managing any size business expenses and incomes. Automated reports and user friendly excel reports, data entry tool with great customer support. We are supporting multiple locations and can help any size of business to get started quickly and get reports based on selected location. Multiple categories and tags: User decides which category and or tag user want to use for the item. Alerts: add your employee and receive immediately email about any activity on the account. Sorting by data, tag and category is the main feature to analyze what and were expenses are. We have very responsive support which would be able to answer any question and help user with any request and speed up the time of the request. We are always listening for our customers and improving our platform based on real customer/user recommendations.

We are working with different businesses: from small (1 location) and large (including 300+ locations). We have responsive website to any device. We are small, but growing fast and willing to take responsibility for your business data and provide the best results to you on how to save and slow down all your expenses and prevent in the future. Our analytics will help you decide on what to take the next step as your business will grow.

Easy and user-friendly product just for you, beautiful charts and easy navigation on the platform which help business to rich their goals!

We are all here to help you to track and grow!

Key Features

  • Advanced reporting
  • Business expenses
  • Business income
  • Automated reports
  • Multi-locations
  • Multi-tagging
  • Email alerts
  • Graphic data representation
  • Monthly reports
  • Mobile Friendly



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