Europe's leading cap table and employee share management platform.

Capdesk is Europe’s leading equity management platform. By automating all the main tasks relating to cap tables and employee share plans, Capdesk helps unlisted companies save time and money on administration. In this way, it facilitates the growth of businesses, who now have more resources in their hands to invest in core business tasks instead.

Save time, eliminate legal and accounting fees, and stay on top of your employee options, by digitising your equity management and reporting.

Employee Share Management: Track employee share options across jurisdictions, issue grants with witness signing electronically, and give your staff access to their vesting schedule in real time.

Digital Cap Table: 90% of startups discover crucial mistakes in their cap table at the worst possible moment - during funding rounds and exits. Avoid costly mistakes with Capdesk: a digital, compliant, and automated cap table.

Scenario Modelling & Reporting: Understand the impact of your fundraising and exits with sensitivity and breakpoint analysis.

Indicatively, Capdesk enables users to:
- Digitise their cap table, so it’s always accurate and up-to-date.
- Issue and sign option grants as well as share certificates electronically.
- Give employees access to their live vesting schedule.
- Produce and store HMRC reports and Companies House filings (eg. EMI and CSOP Annual Return, SH01, SH02, SH06, CS01).
- Share information with shareholders, by exporting their reports or simply giving them access to Capdesk.

Key Features

  • Equity Management
  • Automated Reporting
  • Issue Shares
  • Investor Relations
  • Secondary Transactions



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