Tipalti AP Automation is a leading global payment management application. It is extremely beneficial for the companies that deal with huge number of multi-national publisher payment, vendor payment and affiliate payment. The application is used by businesses of different sizes and from different industry sectors, though it mainly serves network economy including advertisement networks, online marketplaces, crowd sourcing, affiliate networks, crowd funding as well as app and software monetization companies.

The application presently serves over 400,000 payees. It processes more than $1.5 billon per annum in international bank transfer.

Tipalti AP Automation provides the most powerful and secure payment solutions. It automates the whole mass global payment processing system to make it easy for making vendor payment, affiliate payment, customer payment and partner payment across almost 200 nations. At the same time, it takes care of all tax related and regulatory requirements to enhance vendor and customer payment experience. On the other hand, Tipalti SaaS solution works for network economy organizations with high volume, high intricacy global pay operations like affiliate networks, advertising network, digital goods and services, monetization, crowdsourcing and lots more.

Usually, CFOs, VPs, Controllers, Directors of Finance, COOs, CEOs, VP Ops, VP Publishers/ Partners / Affiliates/ Business Development are more likely to use Tipalti AP Automation, depending on the size, industry and structure of the company. Leading organizations such as Disqus, A4D, Boost Media, Chartboost, GoDaddy, MUNDOmedia, SeekingAlpha, Perion Codefuel, Tapjoy and TouchoModem belong to its clientele. 

Tipalti AP Automation helps to reduce direct payment cost by almost 25% as well as avoid cost from rejected payment. It also helps to avoid fraud. It enhances all types of payment experience with a wider range of global payment processing and currency selection as well as improving payment accuracy. Tipalti AP Automation lets companies avoid IT efforts required for patching, maintaining, fixing and upgrading in-house payment system. 

Key Features

  • Online payment solutions for pay-out processing
  • Affiliate payments processing
  • Customer & vendor payment processing
  • International bank transfer/ international wire transfer
  • Payment currency selection
  • Payment processing method selection
  • Tax form compliance
  • Payment clearinghouse
  • Payment processing regulatory compliance
  • Affiliate program management integration
  • Payment fraud detection
  • Ad network performance tracking integration
  • Payment processing issue resolution
  • Global payment processing
  • Invoicing
  • 1099 form generation
  • Payment risk management
  • Payment reconciliation
  • 100% secure payment
  • Paypal mass payment processing



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