Tidemark is best online solution for re-imagine cloud-based performance. It provides its clients with a continuous operational as well as finance analytics and planning solution so that they can make sense of huge data to predict results, take proper action and finally drive growth and enhanced performance.

Tidemark’s Analytics Apps offer fully functional mobile access to operational as well as financial planning and metrics management by anyone and from any part of the globe. It deploys apps fast with pre-crafted definitions, methods and processes.

Tidemark Storylines create usable infographics within every app that helps businesses steer profitability, bottom line and success. It engages everybody in business management and financial planning by encouraging them to take proper action that can make a difference.

With Tidemark, business processes have restored inert report books and financial dashboards. Businesses can now collaborate and take action with Tidemark. They can easily capture data, analyze them and discuss for further reference.

Tidemark has re-imagined enterprise analytics from cloud up and integrated an in-memory calculation engine to ensure unparalleled access to more and more data through different ways with amazingly fast outcomes. It helps speeding deployment with metric definitions, businesses process and methods, and scaling actively to deliver continual and real time project and forecasting by means of both internal and external data.

Tidemark is mostly used by the large enterprises from United States and Canada. The decision makers are more empowered to model and analyze productivity by each and every segment with more transparency and better collaboration with Tidemark. It has brought accountability, visibility and analysis to headcount scheduling. Tidemark clients have transformed their businesses with collaborative, frequent and real time financial projection on the cloud. 

Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional, complex data sets
  • Operational planning for multiple users
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Employee participation in data analysis
  • Collaborative financial fonsolidation
  • collaborative, real-time financial planning
  • Combine operational drivers and financial data
  • Automated variance analysis
  • Labor & expense planning
  • Headcount planning
  • Model & analyze profitability



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