When the requirement is to meet the customized demands of recurring bills, Recurly is one of the most popular software available currently. It helps a business in adjusting cash flows, adding payment methods, testing new promotions, and launching new subscription plans. On an average, use of Recurly has helped users in recovering 7 per cent of credit card revenue every month by repairing the transactions that were lost due to decline of credit card previously. As Recurly is one of the leading recurring billing platforms available currently, setting up the same, integration, and scaling with business needs are quick as well as easy. If you have this software, it will help you focus on your sales and at the same time make you ready for accepting payments.

Some of the benefits of using this software include improvement in subscriber economics and operational efficiency, and efficient as well as easy administration. Recurly is easy to set up as well as integrate and provides users a worry-free security environment. In fact, you will not find any gateway lock-in facility here. By using Recurly, you will be in a better position of retaining customers and therefore return on investment.  

It has been recorded that the credit card declining decreases by up to a maximum of 27 per cent, on an average, by using Recurly. Some other important features of Recurly include rich reporting data, Salesforce integration, support for broad gateway as well as multiple currencies, availability of multiple subscriptions for every account, automated customer communication, and many more.

Recurly has been used by various sizes of businesses, especially the ones in the publishing, content, mobile, Web 2.0, and subscription based SaaS domains. Some of the companies that have used Recurly are Hubspot, JibJab Media, Salesforce, Groupon, DISH Digital, LinkedIn,, and many more. 

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