Fg Receivables Manager


Primary focus of your software lies on assisting you to achieve payments quickly and spend a specific time towards receivables. The sooner they get tested with their new features, they are provided to you. You don’t need any upgrades. The rates of recovery can be increased significantly by ensuring smooth payments; such payments can be sped up by sending effective reminder letters. Following up your customer turns easier due to the automatic recording of these reminders. Do you have any customer who doesn’t meet payments on time? You’re just a click away from contacting a collection agency that will charge affordable rates for handling your delinquent accounts; you may forward your accounts to them with the much needed peace of mind. Your recovery rates need to be tracked alongside receiving transparent and instant pricing.

You must keep an eye on customers that you need to contact first. You must set your priority list. Keep a tag of all your customer interactions, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to lure them. A few simple clicks will help you prioritize customers and develop aging reports that are interactive and smart besides analyzing your history of accounts.

You must know how your lead is followed by the software after it gets your inputs. It proves to be the key for success of your business and you in person. A single page is all you need for checking out a record of communication between you and your customers. You may look back and see what you actually agreed upon. You’ll just be prepared to follow the invoices as per your needs.

Key Features

  • Weekly receivables reports
  • One-click reminder letters
  • Conversation history tracker
  • Sample collection letter templates
  • Sample call scripts
  • Collection agency due diligence lists
  • Sample credit criteria lists
  • Follow up recommendations
  • Customizable workflow
  • Prioritized aging reports



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