Clinicubes CTMS


Designed and developed with the latest technologies Clinicubes CTMS is a robust cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for managing clinical trials. Its unique architecture based on a modular system makes it 100% customizable. This ensures you can select the modules you need and remove the one you don’t in order to optimize your workflows, speed up procedures and space unnecessary expenses.
Clinicubes CTMS enables you to:
• Work with a modern and fresh user-friendly interface;
• Plan, track performance, and review reports of all tasks;
• Collect, retain, and archive patient and scientific data;
• Track deadlines, schedule visitations and monitor treatment progress;
• Reduce data entry and generate automated financial reports;
• Track revenue, expenses and profitability, and generate automatic invoices;
+ much more
Dashboard Module: entirely adaptable and customizable by the user with dynamic and interactive interface, showing important key metrics and featuring custom widgets and editable tabs to easily communicate study performance data.
Contacts Module: a database with systemized physician’s and health service institutions information.
Research Centres Module: stores relevant details about research centres.
Sponsors Module: includes information about the Sponsor and their studies.
Sites Module: shows relevant data about the site and offers evaluation options.
Studies Module: includes interactive study dashboards, manages protocols and study events, supports customizable workflows and processes. This module provides reporting options, tasks and milestone tracking, documents and financial management, as well as invoicing.
Study Sites Module: includes site dashboards, personnel information, evaluation options and documents storage, site events management, workflows and milestones, reports and financial management.
Subjects Module: simplifies recruitment processes, facilitates site identification, provides full control and tracking of subjects’ database, including documents and events management.
Other Modules: Data export, Alerts, Calendar, Customizable workflows and processes, Roles and permissions, Study financial income forecasts, and more.


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