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There is a space in the market for owner-occupiers or property professionals to manage all their suppliers and partners in one place. This is the unique selling point of RoomAgree and below is how it works:

1. The person who owns or is appointed to manage property registers with the website and creates an account.
2. This user (the ‘administrator’) then invites others (via email) to connect with the property, in the same way as they would invite friends to Facebook, work contacts to connect on Linkedin or add project collaborators in Trello.
3. The invited users are then allocated rights to perform tasks within the RoomAgree platform, view documentation or assist with management of a single or multiple properties.

Relationships between users can be one to one, one to many, or many to many. Users can add, edit or remove
property items within the RoomAgree platform - from contents for insurance to raising queries relating to the property, to looking up historical information. Owner-occupiers can register to use the website to manage their own property. In most scenarios DadShed will be free to use, acting as the conduit between users and service providers, without providing advice. The RoomAgree platform will hold the relationships, between people, property & products:

1, PEOPLE Identification (Tenant, Owner, Manager etc...)
2, PROPERTY name (Dorset home, City flat, London office...)
3, PRODUCT details (TV, Table, Roof, etc...)

Any additional information on the Property, People and Products will be served by functional tool APPs.
As all tools within DadShed are optional and designed as stand-alone APPs, RoomAgree is merely a platform that other’s connect to via an API i.e. DadShed offers its ‘DashBoard’ service for free, with customers only paying for tools they choose to use or other service providers additional functionality with their own APPs.

Key Features

  • Create Tenancies
  • Share Tenancies
  • eSign Tenancies
  • Modify Terms & Conditions Tenancies
  • Up to 5 Tenancies Free Version
  • Generate a PDF & E-Sign
  • Pre-made templates
  • Cloud Service
  • Multi-language



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