Amium turns any file into a real-time activity feed and conversation. So you can work better, together.

Today’s teams typically use a large number of software tools to collaborate together. Consequently, documents get misfiled or stuck in email, versions are overwritten, and it’s hard to remember what decisions led to certain content changes. Users spend countless hours emailing files back and forth and trying to find where they saved the most recent version.

Amium is a better way for teams and organizations to collaborate. Amium unifies team messaging with full-featured file sync and share capabilities into a powerful, real-time collaboration environment across all major platforms. Amium automatically associates conversations to the documents and files that a team is collaborating on. Users can see files and versions, conversations, and activity history at a glance for greater productivity. They can work in all common file formats and iterate documents within Amium, always knowing that they have the most current version with accompanying context. Amium makes collaboration more efficient, easy to use and is free to use with no obligation.

Efficient collaboration on content creation with full version history Amium makes collaboration easier and more efficient. You can preview most documents directly from Amium to review recent changes. View a detailed version history of every file, the conversation that led to each change, and get notified when someone updates the file so you can keep up with the latest.

Improved team transparency and communication Amium lets you set up direct conversations with one or more co-workers, and topic-based channels that can be either public or private. Everyone can stay in touch and stay up to date.

Amium integrates with products you’re already using at work – github, Microsoft Office, Bitbucket, jira, and more. Get notifications in Amium and interact with integrated products without leaving the app.

Key Features

  • file sharing
  • team messaging
  • version control
  • document management



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