MobileLogix's SmartField platform is Designed to enable enterprise companies to manage a large mobile workforce. MobileLogix provides best in class analytics and business intelligence. Full lifecycle solution for field service organizations; warehouse management, asset tracking, dispatch, mobile app, GPS tracking, and robust analytics to optimize workflow.
Managing a mobile workforce is complicated because of all the moving parts. Every mobile worker is different. Every customer is different. Every task is different. Are customers forced to bear the brunt of this complexity in mobile workforce management? Or does the holy grail of efficiency AND customer service/satisfaction exist? At MobileLogix, we make operational efficiencies in mobile workforce management software and customer service work in harmony, to both reduce operating costs and enhance the customer experience. This is because our basic premise is that these two issues are equally and completely intertwined. You cannot have one without the other.

The SmartField mobile workforce scheduling software takes all of these factors into account and schedules the most efficient routes, gives real time views and communicates directly with customers to keep them in the loop.

As a result, with MobileLogix you can:

Increase daily job completion rates by 40+%
Improve on-time performance by 30%
Reduce dispatch staff by 45%
Decrease miles driven by 40%
Cut overtime by 75%
Reduce inbound “Where’s My Tech” calls by 50%
Reduce wasted truck rolls by 20%
… all while improving customer satisfaction by over 90%
FieldService Nearby Jobs
Mobile Workforce Nearby Jobs Search

Manage and Document Field Workforce GPS Position
Each time a field person reaches a job/project their position is uploaded into the system and recorded. Track field members by last location, job history, status, and productivity. Leverage historic data to reconcile and audit team history for time on site, to and from site reconciliation to payroll and job costing.

GPS job site position provides “Proof of Service” with customers to increase billing revenue and a competitive selling advantage against competitors.

Receive Field Service Acknowledgements
Solve the problem and eliminate the worry of assuming field resources have received and acknowledged work with “10-4” acknowledgement for each field service order. View work orders by status to quickly identify potential problems with proactive work assignment.

Utilize Standard Video and Image Reference Libraries
Universal reference video, image and document libraries for field service personnel build work flow consistency, expedite training time, and get new hires up to speed faster. Leverage existing documents, specs, and other reference assets in the field while building a consistent work flow across the organization.

Build and Send Invoice’s/Work Order’s from the Field
Create Invoices and Work Order approvals directly from the field. Enable field resources the option to generate invoices and work order approvals directly from the field. Expedite Invoicing while instantly improving cash flow.

Record Customer Signature’s
Record and attach the customer’s signatures to each work order, job, and invoice from the field. Eliminate billing disputes and expedite time to invoice.

Work “Disconnected” in Remote Areas
Remote, underground or poor coverage areas are no problem for remote field resources. Field data is captured and stored until an internet connection is available to transfer field data.

View Reference Maps of Work Areas
Each field resource has the ability to view a map of where the work is, by physical address as well as GPS coordinate for remote areas.

Reference Remote Directories
Empower everyone in the field with the information they need including company and customer directory phone and email lists.

Record and Reference Field Notes
Improve field operations with notes and reference solutions recorded in the field to reduce “repeat” issues and bring new hires on quicker. Reference notes by job type, work, customers, locations, areas, and equipment. Resolution notes are centrally referenced to build a common knowledge-base.

Include Weather Conditions
Enter and view site/location notes related to site conditions, schedule, weather, safety and other attributes to related areas.

Record and Validate Safety Requirement
Create a repeatable process to meet safety guidelines with safety checklists and mandatory processes to ensure safety.

Searching for Equipment in the field by Customer
One Solution, Multiple Devices
MobileLogix supports IPhones, IPad’s, Windows tablets, and Android Devices to span the enterprise with device agnostic remote data collection.

Key Features

  • Field Service Dispatch
  • Business Intelligence
  • KPI Reporting
  • Task Level Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Auto Routing
  • Mobile App
  • Invoicing
  • CRM and ERP Intergrations



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