Fieldmotion, provides a cloud based digital platform for field workers, allowing data capture in real time, appointments setting, effective communication, real time decisions, accountability and time management monitoring. The Fieldmotion platform is intuitive and its ease of use, means that it can be used out of the box and is attractive to many of those businesses that do not have the access to sophisticated technology or suitably trained personnel.

Fieldmotion takes mobile workforce management to a new level, making it easy for companies to create schedules and assign jobs to their field staff, who in turn can effortlessly view their assignments as well as essential client information and history for faster delivery of high-quality service. Field information is easily stored and sent to the office, eliminating the need for manually write data and having to go back to the office to enter it to the system.

Field agents can deliver real-time reports the moment they arrive at the customer’s location and the time they are done with their tasks. Once they enter information into the Fieldmotion app, the database synchronizes instantly, reflecting the changes you introduced to the system. Like when a customer affix their signature, the office will receive the signed document in seconds.

More than a field service management software, Fieldmotion also functions as your mobile customer relationship management (CRM) application. The software provides you with information and communication tools you need to engage your customers as well as perform marketing and sales actions like up-selling and peddling new services. Fieldmotion also offers a customer portal that customers can access so they can see and even suggest their own appointment schedule.

Key Features

  • Schedule reactive/planned jobs
  • Manage service contracts
  • Stock / Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Signature/Photograph capture
  • Full offline working
  • Digitize your paperwork
  • CRM



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